You’ve probably been feeling something changing within you and around you lately. Maybe it’s the way the world is reacting to current events. Maybe it’s the way that you’ve been reacting to current events. Maybe it’s a little bit of both! While it might be difficult to pin-point the source of these – let’s call them “energy shifts” – it’s undeniable that they are indeed happening.

So, let’s talk about these new energies.

Independence Day

Today marks an important date for many people in the United States. As I sit and observe from my window how my neighbors prepare to celebrate their political Independence Day, I wonder if they’re aware of what’s going on in the cosmos. You see, there’s a Full Moon and and Eclipse tonight, at exactly 4:44 UTC. This Full Moon and Eclipse happens to be in the astrological sign of Capricorn, a powerful sign of masculinity, ambition, and control. It’s also interesting to note that the number 4 is related to foundation and structure. It’s quite fitting to see such patriarchal energy be celebrated during 4th of July weekend!

As this tribal, collective energy celebrates its independence, a question looms: What polarized opposite is it declaring its independence from, exactly?

Astrology and the Lunar Nodes

Even more interesting still, is the fact that we are closing a cycle that began this past June 20th with a New Moon in Cancer that also saw a solar eclipse and the start of the summer solstice. In order to understand the new energies, we’ll need to set a quick stage by talking about astrological birth charts and the lunar nodes, starting with this fabulous introduction by Nina Kahn that you can find in this article on Bustle:

The North and South Nodes of a birth chart, also known as the “Nodes Of Fate,” are actually lunar nodes and can be thought of as helpful astrological pointers that usher us directly toward our most fulfilling spiritual life path. They also tell us what skins we must shed in order to get there.

We all have different North and South Node placements in our birth charts. While the South Node reflects karmic gifts that you’ve been bringing with you from past lifetimes and through ancestry lineage, the North Node reflects your destiny and spiritual purpose in this lifetime. 

Nodal placements typically reflect polar opposites of each other. While the relationship between the nodes can be symbiotic, the lessons they bring can be harsh and devastating. You see, in order to step into our North Node’s gift of spiritual destiny, we must be willing to shed the comfort of the South Node’s legacy behind.

Before 2018-2020, the last time we saw a Capricorn-Cancer nodal cycle was during 2000-2001 (including 9/11 leading to the Patriot Act).

The Mother and Father of the Zodiac

Most people are not aware that lunar nodes change signs approximately every two years, bringing with them powerful changes in the lives of the people that were born with those particular signs placed in their birth charts. Because these cyclical events happen approximately every 18 years, a person might experience a striking period of intense life changes right around their 20’s, 40’s, and 60’s when the nodes align with the ones on their astrological birth charts.

We ended one such cycle in Cancer and Capricorn recently that lasted from 2018 until May 2020. The Capricorn archetype carries a heavy masculine, patriarchal energy with attributes of control, dominance, and ambition that could be easily identified as evil or something to fear. However, earthy Capricorn is also the builder who brings the wonderful gift of safety and security. On the other side of the spectrum we had the watery archetype of Cancer, representing ultimate femininity, motherhood, emotions and vulnerability. Thus, these signs are sometimes known as the Mother and Father of the Zodiac.

Although the lunar nodes have recently moved onto childlike Gemini/Sagittarius, tonight’s Full Moon & Eclipse in Capricorn during Cancer season is telling us that “mom and dad” are certainly not leaving the fun-loving kids alone until they have made themselves absolutely clear about the following: The balancing of Masculine and Feminine energy is upon us.

Karmic Lessons

Why am I bringing up this topic today? The relationship between Cancer and Capricorn has personal significance for me because it just so happens that I am a Gemini with a North Node in Cancer, and South Node in Capricorn. I kinda have a lot to say on this subject!

We all have masculine and feminine energy within us, regardless of gender identification. I’ve always been particularly proud of my own masculine energy, and in getting to know my South Node in Capricorn, I’ve realized where that energy comes from. On the other hand, I’ve also been known to abhor ultra-femininity as weakness. In the past, the very idea of motherhood was something for me to fear or reject… but rest assured that the lunar nodes had other plans for me! During this past 2-year cycle, I have learned deep lessons about vulnerability, balance, creation, belief, trust, and the meaning of home.

However, the biggest lesson that Capricorn and Cancer have left me is that in order to step into my destiny ruled by the archetypal feminine represented by Cancer, I have to leave my attachment to my past self behind, which is ruled by the archetypal masculine represented by Capricorn.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “But Lisa,” you ask, “what the heck does that even mean?” 

The Ying and Yang says it all.

The Balance of Masculine and Feminine Energy

We’re experiencing a unique global energy shift, a new paradigm that requires humanity to learn that true growth and change does not come from engaging with polar opposites, but from balancing them. In honor of tonight’s eclipse, let’s look at the masculine and feminine energy as a prime example:

Masculine energy builds in order to provide safety, trusting that the Feminine energy will appreciate, thrive, and enjoy its effort.

Feminine energy appreciates, thrives, and enjoys all things, trusting that the Masculine will build that framework and provide it the safety it needs.

Within this relationship lies the ultimate balance in life, and it is all based on trust. When it is based on fear, the trust goes out the window and the shadowy aspects of each side emerge. The Masculine starts to build for itself without purpose or direction, and the Feminine has nothing to enjoy and appreciate. Neither is having a good time. Nobody thrives, and drama ensues.

Resolving Inner Conflict

When we don’t balance our own energies, drama also ensues in our personal lives. My personal experience with Capricorn and Cancer has taught me to trust my own masculine ability to build a life, so that I may actually enjoy my own feminine vulnerability. 

The new paradigm is all about balancing the energies within, and there is so, so much to heal there within our Selves. I’m aware that simply discussing masculine and feminine energies in this article might bring up big triggers for some. The word “binary” might even be tossed around! But that’s the whole point: As we close this massive cosmic chapter, we’re being asked to understand polarities so that we may be able to look beyond them. 

During a healing process, it’s normal for deep-seated fear to emerge, and for name-calling to ensue. Victims become victimizers, and the abusers now become the victims. As you observe roles being reversed all around you, know that it does not mean that any one person or side “owns” the Truth. Both sides of the story hold truths, and the ultimate truth can only be experienced – not known – through inner balance.

An Inside Job

It’s really up to each and every one of us to heal our own energies and anchor the cornerstone energies for the upcoming societies. Are we ready to tackle our own inner fears and hidden desires? The lunar nodes have already been moving into Gemini and Sagittarius this year, and with that comes a whole new cycle of knowledge and communication vs. passion and creative impulse, as recent events have already begun to show…!

Lunar Nodes and Past Life Regression

I’m happy to announce that I’ll be soon including lunar node readings with every Past Life Regression session. It’s a great way to identify where your core strengths lie, and what challenges lie before you. Contact me for more information!

Want to know what signs fall in your lunar nodes right now? Get a free birth chart here!

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